The development and application prospect of flexible circuit board
2016/7/19 15:00:01

With the replacement of electronic products, FPC (flexible circuit board) with its unique advantages to meet the light, thin, short and small development trend of electronic products, in the field of electronic information industry has played an important role in the cornerstone of the role of. In this paper, through the analysis of FPC in the field of practical application, especially in the mobile phone, car, medical monitoring equipment, the application of the three major areas of analysis, the future development prospects of FPC.
Key words: FPCA FPC FPC application of automotive electronic medical monitoring equipment SMT mobile phone
Flexible circuit board overview
FPC FPC (flexible printed circuit) also known as flexible circuit board and flexible circuit board, referred to as soft board and FPC, with high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, wiring space restrictions less, high flexibility advantages, fully consistent with the electronic products light, thin, short and the trend of development, is to meet the requirements of electronic product miniaturization and mobile effective solution. FPC can free bending, winding and folding, and can withstand millions of dynamic bending and without damage to the conductor, in accordance with the layout of the space requirements of any arrangement, and in three-dimensional space arbitrary Mobile and flexible, so as to achieve the effect of integration of the component assembly and wire connection. FPC can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, suitable for electronic products to high density, small size, high reliability direction of development needs. Therefore, widely used in PC and peripheral products, automotive electronics, medical devices, communications products and consumer electronics and other fields.
FPCA (Printed Circuit Assembly Flexible) product, that is, FPC components, as the FPC business of the industrial chain extension, the industry's mainstream technology for SMT. SMT (Mount Technology Surface) that is, the surface of the electronic circuit assembly technology, also known as the surface mount or surface mount technology. It is a no pin or short lead surface mount components (SMC / SMD, the Chinese called chip components) mounted on a printed circuit board or other surface of the substrate surface, through the method of reflow soldering or to be circuit assembly and welding technology. Application of SMT technology has the following advantages:
First, assembly of high density, electronic products, small size, light weight, the volume and weight of the SMD components only traditional cartridge elements about a tenth, the general use of SMT, electronic product size decreased by 40% ~ 60%, and the weight of 60% to 80%. Second, high reliability, strong seismic capacity, low defect rate of solder joints, high frequency characteristics. Third, reducing the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Fourth, easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency. Fifth, save material, energy, equipment, manpower, time and so on.
Two, the application of flexible circuit board
Electronic products light, thin, short, small, demand trends, the FPC rapid military activities transferred to civilian use, to consumer electronic products, emerge in recent years, almost all of the high-tech electronic products make use of a large number of flexible circuit board. Japanese scholars called bin research history in the high density flexible printed circuit board, a book said: almost all of the electrical products use the flexible circuit board, now I am afraid it is difficult to find without the use of flexible circuit board slightly more complicated electronic products.
Three, flexible circuit board market prospects
The current priority to the development of high technology industry areas of focus Guide (2011), "said the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of Commerce, information property right bureau decided, high-grade chip components, high density multilayer printed circuit board and flexible circuit board column is one of the current focus on giving priority to the development of the information technology industry in the field of. With the development of information technology, intelligent construction, the market demand for flexible circuit boards will be more and more big....

(1) mobile phone market. In terms of Mobile Phone FPC in the phone mainly as folding and rotating position signal connecting parts, the phones are generally used in more than three pieces of FPC, with emphasis on light, thin, short, small, high function of the cell phone popular, driven by FPC demand. FPC can be used in mobile phone bending, LCD module, camera module, keys, side keys, antenna, battery control and other functions. Current FPC in at the turn of the phone (hinge part) is applied most common have folding, sliding cover, cover lifting type stereo rotary body, double-sided or multilayer FPC design, FPC in mobile application value maximum. As for the button FPC, camera module, antenna or battery with FPC, the design of the selective design for the mobile phone designer. In the above selective feature will be gradually incorporated into the standard design of mobile phones, to help increase the amount of FPC. Issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2014 telecommunication business statistical bulletin shows, 2014, telephone users in the net 394.26 million households, the total number reached 15.36 million, growth of 2.6%, over the previous year down 5 percentage points. Among them, 5698 million mobile phone users net, a total of 12.86 million, mobile phone users penetration rate of 94.5 / 100 more than the previous year improve 3.7 / 100 people. And with apple and Android phones as the leading smartphone has become a mobile phone user's preferred according to the forecast of the 2013-2014 China Mobile / smart phone market annual total report, 2015 global smartphone users ratio for the first time in more than one tenth of the population in the world, to 2018, one third of the world's consumers will be smart phone users, a total of more than 2.56 billion people. Smartphone user index in 2018 represents half of the world's mobile phone users, which means that the function of mobile phones will become a minority in the field of electronic communications. FPC content of smart phones is higher than the general electronic products, smart phone using 5 ~ 12 FPC, higher than the functional type of mobile phone 1 ~ 5, each smartphone FPC output value of about 2 to 3 times the functional type of mobile phone. Such a huge market will inevitably lead to the rapid development of related fields, the smart phone camera module, antenna, a display, a USB cable and so on are inseparable from the FPC figure.
(2) automotive electronics market. Under the trend of automotive electronics, vehicle control system, such as instrument panel display, air quality, audio, displays, sensors and other, high signal transmission and high reliability requirements of the FPC began to show its advantages, in FPC assembly precision of the trend, and three-dimensional structure of car body, wiring area stenosis and bending characteristics by FPC assembly can meet the design requirements. According to the China automobile industry association data, in 2014, China's automobile production and sales increased by 7.26% and 6.86%. Which passenger car production and sales growth of 10.15% and 9.89%, is still the main growth.
(3) medical monitoring equipment. Over the past decade, China's medical device market sales of 179 yuan from 2001 to 2120 yuan in 2013 to yuan, excluding the impact of price factors, 13 years increased by 11.84 times. According to the China Association of medical equipment medical equipment branch sampling survey, 2014 annual national medical device sales of about 2556 yuan, an increase of 2120 yuan over the previous year 436 yuan, an increase of 20.06%. As a general medical equipment, medical monitoring equipment has been widely used in large and medium-sized hospitals. With the rapid development of China's economy, national attention to the county, townships, towns, communities and other basic medical and health system construction, in aging, two child policy, consumption upgrading, invested in health care reform, policy support and other internal and external demand work together to promote, and the overall domestic horizontal dimension to in the lower levels of, health care equipment still considerable room for development, the domestic medical equipment industry development prospects worth looking forward to.
In summary, with the continuous improvement of the requirements of the society of information, intelligence and almost penetrated into all walks of life, as the article mentioned, has been difficult to find a FPC and FPC assembly of slightly more complex electronic products. With the country will further increase the investment in the field of electronic information construction, the pace of the construction of the downstream area of electronic information to accelerate, will inevitably lead to the development of FPC and FPC components industry. At the same time, 4G business has been in full swing across the country, which will also bring new opportunities for the development of flexible printed circuit board industry.